The Gulf Stream provides Brittany with a mild changing sea climate. The winters are pleasant, spring comes prematurely. Ideal for holidays in Brittany.

The influence of tides and the location of Brittany in relation to the polar front leads to rapid weather changes. In a few hours, the wandering sun is edging out the shade. Always take your swimsuit and windjacket in your hiking pack with you!

The frequent and often strong winds have many advantages. They blow the sails of boats, propel wind turbines, provide clean air and a fresh breeze.

The sky shines brightly even in gray days. Whether it’s a powerful beam that breaks through the cumulo-nimbus clouds, a silver-plated foam on the waves, or a mysterious bundle of light over the heathland, each light incident is full of impressive, inconceivable, and vibrant nuances. True paintings!

Did you know this?

Photographers and painters were fascinated by the range of Breton light. Matisse loved the “silvered light” and the nacreous sky. Gauguin admits that he has “never seen such delicate colours“.

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